Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Is this a age to write a blog or to go and explore the world? sometimes its seems foolish sitting on my bed and writing to feel that this will serve some greater good. Is this a illusion? I tried to write about the social problems but I went short of points or may be I am not expressing them well. What is necessary a speed or an understanding. In fact both need to be optimized. And it is the only way to enhance both. Feel yourself with the passage. Read it as you are in that situation.Get the essence of it.Try it out! Will post next day and will look for the area of improvement.

lost in translation

Opinions need to be expressed. Its my first experience with CAT, and that is not good. 40 questions on English, going through the paper I felt that what IIMs require is more a presenter than the intellectuals. It seems as we are trying to get into some American University and we must be adept in English language. Why are we following their trail? . Why we are giving this language 'this' much importance? . Why people feel shy in social circle to speak in their mother tongue? where is the slack?

Take China for instance, I hope we started the race together but today we are far behind them. What China had shown during Olympics is pure strength, they have shown that we don't need world recognition as "superpower" or "developed". We are!. And here we are still struggling with commonwealth games.

In one of my course I get through "group concept". The main reason people want to be in a group is for "status" with which they can attach themselves, but what China has shown is "personality" to stand alone and independent.